Kate Krause considers herself a behavioral economist. In her work she considers what people do when faced with economic decisions that don't have obvious right answers given the self-interest assumptions of classical economics.


  • Krause's research interests have led to work on the emergence of economic behavior in childern, gender equity, environmentally responsible behavior and the economic implications of family formation.
  • Dean of University College in 2011. In 2013, the Honors College was created and she was appointed Dean of Honors and of University College.
  • Professor in the Department of Economics and former Dean of University College and the Honors College
  • Earned her Ph.D. in Economics in 1996 and joined the faculty at UNM that year.
  • Graduated from Stanford Law School in 1981 and practiced law in St. Louis, Mo. for several years before moving to Madison, Wisconsin to attend the University of Wisconsin.
  • B.A. at the University of Minnesota in 1977.

Additional areas of interest
Public economics, economics behavior of children and economics of families.

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