College of Fine Arts

IFDM hosts international project 'Digital Latin America'

By Trace Rucarean August 26, 2014

UNM film student creates pilot that develops into mini-series

By Mara Kerkez August 13, 2014

Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media Program Hosts Student Showcase

By Mara Kerkez November 30, 2013

ArtsUnexpected Works Projected on George Pearl Hall Screen

By Carolyn Gonzales April 25, 2013

UNM Hosts IFDM End-of-Semester Student Showcase

By Mara Kerkez April 27, 2012

Fall 2011 End-Of-Semester IFDM Student Showcase

By Mara Kerkez December 02, 2011

UNM Fine Arts and Design Library Presents New Student Exhibit

By Karen Wentworth November 09, 2011

Students Build Homegrown New Mexico Hollywood

By Sari Krosinsky May 09, 2011

Enos to Speak on 40 Years of Photography

By Sari Krosinsky April 26, 2011

Let IFDM (More Than) Entertain You

By Sari Krosinsky October 07, 2010

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