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Papilio glaucus larva

Researchers find selective eaters less likely to be eaten

New research has found that dietary specialization among herbivores, specifically caterpillars, indicates whether or not they are better able to hide themselves from predators such as birds. The research suggests those herbivores who dine on a wide ...

Wills in Chaco Canyon

What we don’t know about Chaco Canyon

UNM Professor of Anthropology Wirt H. Wills, and two former graduate students, Brandon L. Drake and Wetherbee B. Dorshow, have authored a paper released by the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences today that challenges the notion that the Anc

Hacking photo for release

Hacking for a good cause

The name “hacker” usually has a negative connotation, as in someone who uses high-tech skills to steal a person’s or company’s private electronic information.

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Crowdfunding project aids caretaker

First Baptist Church

July 29, 2014 — Sonny Hodge is a sentry of sorts. The volunteer security guard for Noon Day Ministries has spent the past two years keeping an ...

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