Rob Burford

Past President Rob Burford’s thoughts….

…On Staff Council:

Make sure you represent and listen to your constituent groups, whether that is a grade or a precinct. Also, don’t just go to the Staff Council Business Meetings – do something to get involved, by getting involved in a committee, volunteering or champion a cause that will make the lives of staff better at UNM.

…On his Presidency:

I am very proud of the Parental Leave policy that was passed. I believe I was the catalyst to get that policy started and it was the most impactful part of my presidency. I know it has made lives easier for a number of our staff here at UNM, which makes UNM a more family friendly employer.

…On current challenges facing staff:

Remember to be patient with the Administration at UNM, but ask questions tactfully when you have them. Our administration is working hard to guide our UNM Community to make the best decisions to work with our current situation and to build upon what we currently have, given the shrinking resources. 

We may need to go through some painful budget cuts to get through the pandemic, but know that at some point this will pass and we will have some sense of normalcy back in our lives.  

We also need to remember to use this time, to keep in touch your family, friends, and coworkers, as that will assist in keeping us all connected during our remote work –make a call, send a text, or write a letter.  I hope we all can have some solace in knowing that at some point, hopefully sooner than later, we will be able to say hi to our colleagues back in their offices and share a cup of coffee or tea with them at your favorite beverage spot on campus.