This week on New Mexico in Focus, state leaders share their 2022 budget plans ahead of the start of the 30-day legislative session next week. The Line opinion panel also dives into what could be included in a final package and what the spending priorities say about the issues we’re facing as a state.

The panel takes on the latest challenges from COVID-19, including a warning from hospitals that emergency room wait times are likely to increase in the coming days and weeks. The group analyzes that reality and explores what can be done to avoid more setbacks. And, our panelists weigh the pros and cons of creating government-run public electric utilities.

Correspondent Gwyneth Doland checks in with Senate President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart for what she’s expecting when the session starts Tuesday. Plus, Gene Grant catches up with former State Representative Alonzo Baldonado after his recent resignation.

Also this week, Environment Reporter Laura Paskus shares a unique approach to climate change. She speaks with Larry Rasmussen, Professor Emeritus at Union Theological Seminary, about how his faith has guided his mindset when dealing with the existential threat.

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NMiF Segments

2022 Session Preview

Gwyneth Doland

Mimi Stewart (D), NM Senate President Pro Tem

Political Insights & Reflections

Gene Grant

Alonzo Baldonado, Former State Representative (R)

Our Land – Faith & Climate Change

Laura Paskus

Larry Rasmussen, Professor Emeritus at Union Theological Seminary

The Line opinion panel
Michael Bird, former President, American Public Health Association
Tom Garrity, Garrity Public Relations Group
Martha Burk, political psychologist and author

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