The University of New Mexico (UNM) is committed to the safety of all members of its community. The University has particular concern for potentially vulnerable populations, such as minors, who may require special attention and protection. Activities and programs that bring minors to our campus are integral to the mission of The University of New Mexico. UNM is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment while they are on campus, participating in university-sponsored or university-affiliated events or programs.

UNM’s Minors on Campus policy UAP 2205 establishes the general standards for minors participating in University programs and for minors visiting University workplaces and classrooms.  Individual units of the University may develop more stringent standards to address their particular needs, including ethical standards and codes of conduct.

The office of Compliance, Ethics & Equal Opportunity (CEEO) oversees the Minors on Campus policy and strives to further develop and enhance UNM’s commitment and service to these young people. CEEO requires that all University Programs register the program or camp using the link below.

In addition, CEEO heads and leads the Minors on Campus Committee, which convenes on a semi-regular basis to review and establish the guidelines and policies for those in the University community who participate in programs or activities that involve minors.

If you are participating in a University program or camp that involves minors, please fill out the Minors on Campus Program Registration Form HERE!

For a list of general questions, click here. If you have any additional questions, reach out to the Compliance, Ethics & Equal Opportunity to either Blaine Moffatt at or Francie Cordova at or call CEEO at (505) 277–5251.