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School                          The University of New Mexico
Location                       Albuquerque, New Mexico
Enrolment                    21,982 (Fall 2022)
Founded                      1889 by the Territorial Legislature
Colors                          Cherry & Silver
Nickname                     Lobos (Spanish for wolves, Canis lupus)
President                     Garnett S. Stokes

Academic Affairs - Provost and Executive Vice President

James Holloway                               (505) 277-2611

Finance and Administration - Senior Vice President
Teresa Costantinidis                        (505) 277-7520

Enrollment Management – Vice President        
Dan Garcia                                      (505) 277-2794

Human Resources – Vice President
Kevin Stevenson                              (505) 277-5824

Institutional Support Services – Assistant Vice Presidents
Lisa Marbury                                   (505) 277-7591
Melanie Sparks                               (505) 277-7464

Research and Economic Development – Vice President
Ellen Fisher                                     (505) 277-6128

Student Services – Vice President
Eric Scott                                         (505) 277-0952

Athletics – Director
Eddie Nuñez                                     (505) 925-5510

Health Sciences Center, Executive Vice President
Douglas Ziedonis                             (505) 272-5849        

About University Communication and Marketing
University Communication and Marketing (UCAM) is the primary source for accurate and current information about The University of New Mexico. The office advances UNM’s position as the state’s flagship university and a leader in higher education by promoting the University's people, programs, and educational philosophy, and by publicizing its achievements and resources to a wide array of internal and external audiences. Our professional staff works with external news organizations, produces a range of marketing materials, and creates and maintains a strategic web presence and multimedia content to ensure clear, concise communication of ideas and initiatives. 

UNM Newsroom
The UNM Newsroom is published by University Communication and Marketing (UCAM). Rights to all content on UNM Newsroom are reserved by the UNM Board of Regents unless indicated. News media are invited to reproduce individual stories and news releases with appropriate credit and links. Newsroom content cannot be sold, bundled or reproduced for commercial purposes. For assistance, contact UNM Media Relations.

UNM Newsroom photographs and videos
Photos published in albums in the UNM Newsroom may be downloaded for news media use. Many of the images published in stories and news releases also may be downloaded by the news media. The inclusion of applicable credit is requested. Commercial use of any UNM-owned photos requires permission.

Media Contacts
UNM Communications provides assistance with routine media requests weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time at 505-277-5813. For emergencies, please call 505-259-7114 (Cinnamon Blair) or 505-702-7720 (Steve Carr).

UNM Board of Regents
The UNM Board of Regents is composed of seven members who are appointed by the Governor of New Mexico with the consent of the Senate, for staggered terms of six years except for the student regent who is appointed for a two-year term.

Kimberly Sanchez Rael, Chair
Jack L. Fortner, Vice Chair
Robert L. Schwartz, Secretary / Treasurer
William H. Payne
Randy Ko, Student Regent
Paul Blanchard
Paula Tackett

For more information, visit UNM Board of Regents

Campus Calendars

Campus Access
The UNM campus is open to the public and served by public bus lines, taxis and ride services. Bicycle racks are plentiful. Pay-by-space parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional assistance, contact UNM Media Relations.

MSC06 3745, Box 26 (Mail-stop code)

1 University of New Mexico
AlbuquerqueNM 87131

Physical Location:
UAEC Building 85
Suite 160

UNM Athletics maintains a separate media relations staff and website.

Dining on campus
Public dining facilities are open across the campus. Media officers would be pleased to provide recommendations. Food options are available in the Student Union Building and La Posada.

Directions, maps and parking

If you arrive on campus in an unmarked vehicle, call UCAM at 277-5813 for a temporary parking permit. The temporary permit is required or cars will be ticketed UCAM has two parking spaces located behind building #85 (University Advisement and Enrichment Center) clearly marked UCAM A70 and UCAM A71. Parking is also available at any pay station.

Facebook and Twitter
The UNM Newsroom posts news, photos, videos and exclusive content on UNM Newsroom’s social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Social media is used to communicate new research and connect with the media about breaking news and emergencies.

Filming and photographing at UNM
Media camera crews may gather news in public areas of UNM. Classrooms, residence areas, health facilities and research labs require approval to enter. Contact UNM Media Relations for assistance. Permits are required for commercial filming.

UNM is located at 35.084320° N latitude, 106.619781° W longitude.

Images and B-roll of the UNM campus
Images, both stock and story-related, and B-roll for media use are available. For more information, visit Images and B-roll.

Internet access
Wireless service is available on campus. No password is needed to connect using the Lobo Guest network.

UNM Media Relations can help reporters connect with faculty experts in several languages.

Media on campus
UNM Newsroom is the official campus news website. Professional schools and some departments produce their own publications and websites. The Daily Lobo is an independent, student-run newspaper.

News van parking areas
Parking on campus with a marked media vehicle is permissible with the exception of restricted areas including handicap spaces, fire zones (red curbs), safety zones (yellow curbs), plus spaces designated for official vehicles, service vehicles and reserved spaces.

Official name
The University of New Mexico is a proper reference for all uses. The ‘t’ in the is capitalized. The campus may also be called UNM. Periods between letters are not a part of the UNM identity and their use is discouraged.

UNM is a Tier 1 Research Institution. Advances, discoveries and new findings are produced every day. UNM Newsroom highlights selected research for the news media, but the archives do not reflect the full breadth and depth of UNM Research.

Branch Campuses
The University of New Mexico’s Main Campus has the largest enrollment out of all of the campuses. There are also UNM campuses in Gallup, Los Alamos Taos, Valencia, and UNM Online.

Stay Connected
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