UNM Utility Services (USD) will conduct a scheduled test of the Backup Power System on Saturday, June 3 which may result in short outages for specific buildings. These buildings will be transferred to the UNM generators for one hour and then transferred back to normal power. Both of the transfers (beginning and end) will result in a short outage for these buildings. Where available, the emergency generators for those buildings will start during these outages and be monitored by FM personnel.

Here's what you need to know: 

When: Saturday, June 3 from 1-4 p.m.

Buildings being impacted: 

  • Information Technologies (153)

  • Hokona Hall (58)

  • Laguna Hall (74)

  • DeVargas Hall (75)

  • Santa Clara Hall (61)

  • Student Residence Center (88 and 89)

  • Alvarado Hall (157)

  • Coronado Hall (155)

  • Redondo (193)

All other campus buildings will remain on normal power and should not be impacted by this test.

This will be the first semi-annual exercise of the process developed earlier this year. The first hour of the test will be for starting the generators and aligning the UNM grid to power the following buildings. The turbine generators at the Ford Utilities Center can provide electricity to the UNM electric grid in the event of a prolonged PNM outage. These generators can supply 25% to 50% of the campus needs depending on the time of year. A detailed process has been developed to provide backup power to a portion of the campus. The purpose of this test is to validate and refine the process.