University of New Mexico faculty member David Correia was arrested Monday, June 2 for felony battery on a police officer. Correia, an assistant professor in the Department of American Studies, was taking part in a protest as a private citizen at City Hall in Albuquerque.

The University of New Mexico emphasizes that Correia’s actions, statements and opinions are his own as a private citizen, and do not reflect any official views of the University or its Board of Regents.

"While we respect all individual's legal rights, including the expression of their political beliefs, UNM in no way condones illegal actions,” said UNM President Bob Frank. “Faculty are expected to uphold the highest standards, and we will monitor this incident in that light."

Regarding his arrest and potential consequences that may affect him at the University, the UNM Faculty Handbook is the source of policies that govern the behavior of faculty. It also outlines procedures and possible outcomes if adequate cause is substantiated.

These sections can be found in the UNM Faculty Handbook.