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10. The New York Times - "Mighty Rio Grande Now a Trickle Under Siege"

11. Sandoval Signpost - "Lynn Montgomery, Coronado Soil and Water Conservation District"

12. Telecom Finance - "Sequential Superresolution Imaging of Multiple Targets Using a Single Fluorophore"

13. Democratic Underground - "UTEP, other institutions secure $5M grant to prepare for less water in Rio Grande basin"

14. JAMA Oncology - "Association Between NRAS and BRAF Mutational Status and Melanoma-Specific Survival Among Patients With Higher-Risk Primary Melanoma"

15. Health Finder - "Boozing in Movies May Boost Teen Drinking"

16. Broadcast news:

* KOB 4         4/10/2015        7:14 p.m.
"UNM regents approve 3 percent tuition increase"
       Featured on multiple outlets

* WLWT 5      4/10/2015        4:52 p.m.
"Researcher treats alcoholism with mushrooms
       Featured on multiple outlets

KRQE 13     4/12/15           2:40 p.m.
"Interactive lights to shine bright at The Pit"