1. ABQ Journal - "Event at UNM celebrates high-achieving students"

2. ABQ Journal - "Feds, students discuss UNM sex policies"

3. ABQ Journal - "CNM’s core mission remains"

4. ABQ Journal - "DOJ sets meetings on assault/harassment at UNM"

5. ABQ Journal - "UNM alum keeps spirit of Earth Day 43 years ago"

6. Kirtland Air force Base - "Community takes part in bulk fuels facility field trip"

7. The Spec - "Why women are afraid to tell employers they’re pregnant"

8. Higher Ed Tech Decisions - "How the University of New Mexico Sweetened the Relationship Between IT & End Users"

9. Journal of the American Heart Association - "Heart Rate at Hospital Discharge in Patients With Heart Failure Is Associated With Mortality and Rehospitalization"

10. Global Sisters Report - "Earth Day: As we struggle with realistic hope"

11. National Parks Traveler - "Experts Help Joshua Tree National Park Staff "Erase" Graffiti At Barker Dam Historic Site"

12. Environmental Monitor - "Drones map Chile agricultural overhaul after Inca invasion"

13. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13       04/22/2015               8:19 a.m.
"Kids cancer camp fighting to stay open"

* KOB 4           04/21/2015               8:22 a.m.
"Dept. of Justice to meet with UNM students as part of sexual assault investigation"

* KRQE 13       04/21/2015              10:39 a.m.
"UNM’s LGBTQ offering “Safe Zone” for all identities"