1. ABQ Journal - "New “2030 District” officially launched in ABQ"

 2. ABQ Journal - "$130K in scholarships awarded

 3. ABQ Business First - "UNM kicks two local restaurants out of SUB, signs national chain"

 4. ABQ Business First - "$3M in funds pumped toward NM patients' cardiovascular health"

 5. ABQ Business First - "Personalized vaccine trial at UNM could change cancer treatments"

 6. The Wall Street Journal – “Muscle Confusion: Always Keep Your Muscles Guessing

 7. Los Alamos Daily Post - "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families Is Basis For UNM-LA Parenting Workshop At UNM-LA May 2"

 8. International Business Times - "Nepal Earthquake Could Cost Half Of The Country's Annual Economic Output; Damage To Hydroelectric Projects Still Being Assessed"

 9. Customs Today - "Yellowstone National Park’s bowels 9,000 kilometers deep"

10. Bus By Way - "Albuquerque to Become Sustainability Leader as 10th 2030 District says Construction Reporter"

11. TMC.net - "EcoPesticides Signs Cooperative R&D Agreement with USDA"

12. Broadcast news
*KOB 4                 04/27/205                       8:48 p.m.
"Owners, students protest removal of family-owned restaurants from UNM SUB"

*KRQE 13   04/27/2015      8:47 a.m.
"New drug rehab center to open in Albuquerque"