1. ABQ Journal - "Dean of UNM School of Law stepping down"

 2. ABQ Journal - "Spirit of cooperation alive and well"

 3. ABQ Journal - "Mental-health network to serve BernCo region"

 4. ABQ Business First - "UNM School of Medicine lands on national top-10 list"

 5. ABQ Business First - "Attention Downtown property owners: ABQ 2030 District wants you"

 6. Los Alamos Daily Post - "Grant Writing Workshop At UNM May 13-14"

 7. UT San Diego - "Obesity risk soars after one hour of TV"

 8. Informed infrastructure - "Aquatic Ecologist Says Dams Are Boxing in Fish"

 9. Technology World Green "EcoPesticides Signs Cooperative R&D Agreement with USDA"

10. Broadcast news

*KOB 4                        04/28/2015              10:21 p.m.
"UNM says no affiliation with racy social media account"