1. ABQ Journal - "Students’ ‘digital cuentos’ make powerful personal statements they can share with the world"

2. ABQ Journal - "Alzheimer’s: UNM researchers may be closing in on a cure"

3. ABQ Journal - "Albuquerque Museum offers ‘Crowdsourced’ exhibition of paintings, sculpture, ceramics"

4. ABQ Business First - "Domino's named official vendor for Lobo games at Pit, University Stadium"

5. ABQ Business First - "New Mexico loves the arts but is the full economic potential realized?"

6. Bloomberg - "Popular China Video Services Take Censorship Into Own Hands"

7. RF Global.net - "New Device Converts DC Electric Field To Terahertz Radiation"

8. SIT News - "Humans Have Burned Up Half the World’s Biomass"

9. Broadcast news:

*KOAT 7                     08/08/2015             9:59 p.m.
"Domino's Pizza At Wisepies Arena"

*KOAT 7                     08/10/2015             5:16 a.m.
"Alzheimers and Ovarian cancer breakthroughs at UNM"