1. ABQ Journal - "Seattle biotech acquires ABQ’s Alpine Biosciences in $27 million deal"

2. ABQ Journal - "CYFD slow to start home visiting program, evaluation finds"

3. ABQ Journal - "Santa Fe’s living wage: Good or bad?"

4. Bloomberg Business - "Sandia-UNM Cancer Tech Commercialization Boost"

5. Insight aaS- "Louis Columbus: Roundup Of Cloud Computing Online Courses"

6. The Taos News - "My Turn: ‘Not lost in the crowd’ at Taos Cyber Magnet School"

7. AZ Daily Sun - "Group pushes for cleanup of Rez uranium mines"

8. We News - "Pregnancy Requests Put Women in the Firing Line"

9. The Union - "Elias: Obama risks alienating Latinos from Dems"

10. Broadcast News:

* KOAT     8/12/14     10:48 p.m.
"UNM Sexual Assault Red Zone"
     Featured on multiple outlets

* KRQE     8/11/14     8:01 p.m.
"UNM cleans flood damage as classes near"
     Featured on Multiple outlets

* KOAT      8/11/14     7:19 p.m.
"Monsoon rains damage nearly 40 UNM buildings"