1. ABQ Journal - "Sandia, UNM announce joint hire of top scientist, inventor"

2. ABQ Journal - "Mars Rover hits a milestone"

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3. ABQ Journal - Editorial: "Fostering entrepreneurs is a smart business move"

4. ABQ Journal - "Steering DriveTime’s growth curve"

5. Technology News - "UNM Establishes 'Science DMZ' Network Link for Genomics Research"

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6. Washington Post - "The early results from America's experiments with higher minimum wages"

7. Enterprise Irregulars - "Roundup of Cloud Computing Online Courses"

8. Yale Environment 360 - "As Small Hydropower Expands, So Does Caution on Its Impacts"

9. Gizmodo Australia - "Change Your Hair Colour By Etching Nano-Patterns Into Each Strand"

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10. Pharmacy Choice - "Recent Findings from University of New Mexico Has Provided New Information about Diabetes (Diabetes and the Affordable Care Act)"

11. Victoria Advocate - "UHV to host science teaching workshop as part of curriculum study"

12. Mark Solock Blog - "Evolution 2014: Talks now online"

13. PharmaBiz.com - "NIK launches new programme to find potential targets"

14. The Record - "Exploring the minds of psychopaths"

15. Yahoo News - "Want a new job? Use an online dating site"

16. Broadcast News:

* KRQE 13      8/3/2014      10:34 p.m.
"New hair technology"

* KOB 4          8/2/2014        6:50 p.m.
"UNM allergist discusses current pollen counts"