1. ABQ Journal - "If our tumbleweed snowman could talk"

2. Oncology Nurse Advisor - "Counseling over the phone provides access to genetic testing for women in rural areas"

3. Illinois Ag Connection - "USDA Awards $6.5 Million to Support Plant Research"

4. Americas Navy - "First Tele-mentoring Program in Navy Medicine Launches at NMCP"

5. Santa Fe New Mexican - "...Warmer temps make drought a bigger threat than in '50s"

6. Santa Fe New Mexican - "Business people…”

          Story featured in multiple outlets

7. Pendleton Times-Post -"Task force tells New Mexico lawmakers about risks to reservoirs, aquifer due to drought"

8. Seattlepi.com - "Local Company Gives $5 Million Gift to Support UNM Athletics"

9. Going Concern - "Ex-Enron CFO Sorry About Sarbanes-Oxley, Guys"

10. KOB - "Task force: New Mexico water supplies at risk"

11. KOAT - "New Mexico study highlights toy dangers"

12. Broadcast news:

* KOB  4               12/03/2014                6:55 p.m."
"UNM Grad students redesign in Rio Rancho"