1. ABQ Journal - "Retiree health care back on UNM agenda"

2. ABQ Journal - "Editorial: Governor has a regent role in moving UNM forward"

3. ABQ Journal - "UNM regent plans to step down this month"

4. ABQ Journal - "Getting to the bottom of Common Core"

5. ABQ Business First - "UNM Foundation makes venture capital play"

6. Wall street Journal – “Colleges Clamp Down on Bloated Student Schedules”

        Story featured in multiple outlets 

6. Rio Rancho Observer - "UNM students envision park"

7. Noodls.com - "Gerald W. May Outstanding Staff Award recipients named"

8. KOB.com - "Navajo to review study of schools takeover"

        Story featured in multiple outlets

9. CA.news - "Continent-Sized Scan Reveals US Underbelly"

10. PR-Inside.com - "New Report Available: TruTouch Technologies, Inc. - Medical Equipment - Deals and Alliances Profile"

11. Times of India - "Ray of hope for endangered Marwari horses"

12. LA Monitor.com - "EMS program gets boost by passage of Bond ’C’ in election"

13. ASSIST News Service "With a 4.2 GPA and Scholarship, Woman Recalls Her Childhood Experience Staying at Joy Junction"

14. The StandDown Texas Project - "Virginia Executes Teresa Lewis"

15. Broadcast news:

* KRXI (FOX Nevada affiliate)      12/7/2014       8:16 a.m.
"UNM standards are the goal for Nevada university"

* KOAT  7            12/8/2014              5:34 a.m.
"UNM may reinstate health plan for early retirees"