1. World News Report - "Life on Campus: Supporting Pregnant Students in New Mexico"

2. LA Monitor.com - "Job growth seen at 1.1 percent per year"

3. Newswise - "Innovative Program to Add New Segment to STEM Education Pipeline at UNM"

4. GeoConnexion - "Python Scripting for ArcGIS Now Available"

5. Indian Country Today Media Network - "'Drunktown's Finest' Papers Over Border Town Violence and Bigotry"

6. Headlines & Global News - "Premature Babies Grow Into Adults Who Are Unlucky in Love, Study Suggests"

               Also featured in The Bump Blog, eWallstreeter

7. Broadcast news:

* KASA 2     1/27/2015   3:38 a.m.
UNM EMS Students team up with med-school in first of its kind program

* KASA 2    1/28/2015    9:39 a.m.
UNM part of art in public spaces in the metro area

* KOB 4     1/28/2015   6:20 a.m.
UNM Professor awarded 500k grant to study lasers potential in new applications