1. ABQ Journal - "State braces for another year of drought"

2. Science Magazine - "How corn became corn"

3. The Hill - "Under Contract"

4. TMC News - "Mathematical Modeling and the Potential Cure of HIV"

5. World News Report - "New Findings on Neuroscience Described by Investigators at University of New Mexico..."

6. Bloomberg Business week - "Report: New Mexico kids well-protected from flu virus; adults, not so much"

7. Before it's News - "Believers In The Ketchum DNA Findings Are Launching New Bigfoot DNA Study"

8. Noodls - "Lobo Living Room presents, ‘Secrets of Longevity’"

9. CBS DC -"Hackers Claiming Allegiance To ISIS Hijack Twitter Feeds Of TV Station, Newspaper"

10. Broadcast news:

* KOB 4           01/07/2015                6:39 p.m.
"Eye-sore fraternity houses north of UNM not actually on UNM property"

* KOB 4           01/07/2015                10:09 p.m.
"NM Lottery Scholarship will no longer cover 100 percent of tuition"