1. ABQ Journal - "Initiative aims to cut deaths from overdose"

2. ABQ Journal - "SFCC’s newly completed Higher Education Center is a city-center hub for learning"

3. ABQ Journal - "Brushing the cobwebs off the D.H. Lawrence Ranch"

4. ABQ Journal - "Straight talk for roundabout dummies"

5. ABQ Business First - "Financial advice for Albuquerque: ‘Follow that entrepreneurial spirit’"

6. Archaeology Magazine - "New Thoughts on the Impact of Climate Change in Neolithic China"

7. Science Codex - "Airplanes contaminated with Agent Orange could have affected air force reservists after Viet Nam"
         Also featured in EurekAlert!

8. 4-Traders - "Amtech Systems: U.S. Patents Awarded to Inventors in New Mexico"

9. Taos News - "Dancing into the new year"

10. Zocalo - "A land of contradictions as well as opportunity"

11. Four Corners Times - "San Juan College in talks for helicopter pilot training program"

12. LA Monitor - "Community briefs Off the Hill"

13. Natural News - "18 Powerful Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen"

14. Mountain View Telegraph - "Expanded Medicaid lures patients"

15. Mountain View Telegraph - "Woman creates forest restoration partnership"

16. Counter Punch - "When the United States Government Broke Relations with Cuba"

17. My High Plains - "New Mexico and Maryland News Organizations Hacked"

18. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13        1/9/2015             10:09 a.m.
"DOJ investigates how many UNM sex crime reports lead to charges"                    

* KOAT 7          1/8/2015             10:50 p.m.
"Fighting overdoses in New Mexico"