1. ABQ Journal - "College students have first call on UNM West facilities"

2. ABQ Journal - "Prize-winning author, Momaday, back at UNM"
         Featured in multiple print and broadcast outlets

3. ABQ Journal - "Rejecting Party Labels"

4. ABQ Journal - "Editorial: Lawmakers must handicap proposed lottery changes"

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7. Chicago Business Journal - "Sherri Burr makes her career in the law stacks, but this book is short, happy -- and about money"
           Also featured in multiple outlets

8. Huffington Post - "Interfaith Prayer Can Strengthen Unity, Diversity In Faith-Based Organizations: Study"
Also featured in the Wallstreeter 

9. ARS Technica - "Can you supercharge your brain?"

10. Business Recorder - "Deep underground, water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink"

11. Cape Cod Times - "A different way to combat alcoholism"

12. The Vancouver Sun - "Town Talk: U.S. consulate has a star-spangled party for the Fourth — on the third"

13. H4UNM - "The first issue"

14. Broadcast News

KRQE-13  7/6/2014    10:08 p.m.
"Low funds for youth program"

* KVIA (ABC-7)   7/6/2014 10:13 p.m.
"Traditional medicine" - Curanderismo