1. ABQ Journal - "CNM teacher gives gift of life to student with kidney donation"

2. ABQ Journal - "Women’s networking group hosts fundraiser for member’s brain surgery"

3. HT Health - "Going off gluten"

4. Outside - "On the (Very Smelly) Trail of the Skunk Takeover "

5. Enhanced online news - "EcoPesticides Signs Licensing Agreement with STC.UNM for Microbial Pesticide Technology"

6. Time - "The New Pelvic Exam Guideline Gives Women More Tough Decisions"

7. Broadcast News

* KRQE-13 - "Mayor asks Twitter to take down fake account"
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* KOB-4      7/8/2014      6:40 p.m.
"New Movie being made in ABQ"
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