1. ABQ Journal - "Starting the fire for new companies in New Mexico"

2. ABQ business first - "Burrell’s first UNM, NMSU Leadership Institute grads hit campus"

3. ABQ Express - "UNM seeks respondents for economic development survey"
              Story featured in numerous publications

4. NBC News - "10 Million-Year-Old Mastodon Skull Found in New Mexico by Bachelor Party"

5. News Hub - "Earth found hiding huge reservoirs of water 400 miles below"
              Story featured in numerous publications

6. Tech times - "Dinosaurs were mesothermic beasts, neither warm-blooded nor cold-blooded"
featured on multiple outlets

7. One news page - "The Cottages of New Mexico zero in on August opening"

8. Broadcast news

* KRQE-13 (CBS) 6/17/2014 8:56:12 a.m.
"UNM working to develop flat rate tuition program"