1. ABQ Journal - "Dean of UNM medical school honored"

2. KRQE News Briefs - "New Mexico university ranked nationally"
A New Mexico university is ranked among the top 20 in the country. UNM Law School was ranked number 18. “About The Law” catapults UNM four places from last year. It’s now ahead of notable law schools like UCLA, Georgetown University and Boston University. The rankings are mostly based on the chances of a law student getting a well-paying job after graduation.

3. Discover - "Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded?"

4. Broadcast news

*KOB 4                       06/01/2015                         10:38 p.m.
"NM entrepreneurs develop technology that could detect cancer 50 times faster"

*KOB 4                       06/01/2015                         6:24 p.m.
 "Genetic testing becoming a popular option for people"