1. ABQ Journal - "Foresight or poor planning?"

2. ABQ Journal - "RRPS plans early college program"

3. ABQ Journal - "Board would coordinate mental-health services"

4. ABQ Journal -  "UNM dean’s picture book is actually a dissertation aid"

5. ABQ Journal - "Jewish life in Europe: Remnants of crisis with elements of revival"

6. Desert Exposure - "Prehistoric Pharmacy" 

7. The Taos News - "Getting Down to Business with Louis Moya"

8. Nevada Appeal - "Carson City and Northern Nevada community announcements"

9. Las Cruses - "Sen. John Arthur Smith: State needs jobs, highway repair but not more debt"

10. Rio Rancho Observer - "Kristina Fisher: Proposed bill gambles with students’ college funds"

11. Spectroscopy Now.com - "Reflecting on Mars: Moroccan black rock connection"

12. Daily Times - "Column: Lawmaker's hard reboot of tax system is worth discussion"

13. Arizona Central - "Terence Hayter, CPA, received the Economic Forecaster Award from BBER in January 2015"

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15. Upstart Business Journal - "Pivot, pivot and pivot again meant millions for Nik Seet of Auditude"

16. Electric light and power - "DOE invests $10 million in fuel cell technology"

17. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13                   2/27/2015                7:52 a.m.
"UNM Introduces new STEM courses"

* KRQE 13                   2/27/2015                7:27 a.m.
"APS students honored in Metro Youth Art Exhibit"

 * KRQE 13                   3/2/2015                  4:36 a.m.
"Exercise helps against breast cancer"