1. ABQ Journal - "UNM West council debates if charter school OK on campus"

2. ABQ Journal - "ACA a catalyst for state-level innovation"

3. ABQ Journal - "$1M sought for UNM tech startup seed funding"

4. ABQ Journal - "County should keep mill levy to pay for indigent health care"

5. ABQ Journal - "Editorial: Spending alone won’t remediate NM schools"

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7. Imperial Valley Press - "Vista Latina — Curanderismo’s adherents promote cultural, beneficial value of ancient practice"

8. BBC News Science & Environment - "Doubt cast on evidence for wet Moon"

            Story featured in numerous publications

9. KRMG News Talk Radio - "Could the HPV Test Replace the Pap Test?"

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11. Bovine Veterinarian - "Governor's Conference on ensuring food safety"

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13. RWJF Press Release - "Project ECHO"

14. Newswise - "Killing Cancer Using the Virus That Causes It"

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16. Broadcast News

* Yahoo News (KOAT-7) "UNM Online Pushes Class to 15 Thousand"

* The History Channel – “Moon rocks”