1. ABQ Journal - "Project connects nurses tending to TB patients"

2. NBC News - "Latinos Talk Health, Discrimination, Immigration In New Poll"

3. High Times - "Psilocybin Could Cure Alcoholism"

4. Dark Fiber Community - "Dynamic Photonics Taps OFC Conference to Debut APD Technology that More Than Doubles Speed at Lower Cost"

5. Web Newswire - "Anthropologists study the hormonal basis of affiliation and competition among hunters in the Bolivian Amazon"

6. Sage Journals - "Flow Cytometry: Impact on Early Drug Discovery"

7. KRWG (NPR) - "Bipartisan Bill Would Provide Funding For Hispanic-Serving Colleges And Universities"

8. KRWG (NPR) - "Recapping The New Mexico Legislative Session"

9. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13      3/24/2015       1:45 p.m.
"Truckful of food bank ice cream sends UNM into frenzy"

* KOB 4           3/24/2015       5:37 p.m.
"Health Department and UNM teaming up to fight tuberculosis"

* KOB 4           3/24/2015       1:17 p.m.
"UNM Gallup campus reopens after bomb threat"

* KOAT 7          3/24/2015        7:57 a.m.
"Vacant UNM frat house may soon be demolished"