1. ABQ Journal - "Hommert ends 5-year stint at Sandia’s helm"

  2. NY Times - "Lawyers With Lowest Pay Report More Happiness"

  3. Daily News 724 - "UNM Cancer Center tests personalized kidney cancer vaccine"

  4. Durango Herald - "Commuter rail line running on empty"

  5. Las Cruces Sun News - "Sen. Michael Padilla and Joanna Katzman, M.D.: State's pain, addiction epidemic require unique solution"

  6. Quay County Sun - "Local clinic receives state award"

  7. Kurzweil - "Powerful new radio telescope array monitors the entire sky 24/7 in real time"
             Also featured in SciTechDaily

  8. IDG Connect - "Kent Kiehl: The ‘Big Data’ of criminal minds in New Mexico"

  9. AAMC - "The Public Health Imperative: Revising the Medical School Curriculum"

10. KOB TV 4 (print) - "New Mexico public defender shortfall may spark legal action" 

11. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13         05/12/2015           10:00 p.m.
"Online ticket scalpers steal the show from New Mexicans"

* KRQE 13         05/12/2015           12:13 p.m.
"UNM Cancer Center tests personalized kidney cancer vaccine"