1. ABQ Journal - "Tech transfer on solid ground, Sandia leader says"

2. ABQ Journal - "Gov., local celebrities tout summer reading challenge"

3. ABQ Business First - "Hommert: 3-D printed electronics could be a 'Holy Grail' for Sandia"

4. PR Newswire - "NASA Awards Grant to Manage “Swarmathon” Challenge"
       Story featured in numerous outlets

5. Phys.org - "COSMIAC's third CubeSat mission will study ionosphere"

6. Brightsurf Science News - "When it comes to testosterone, more isn't always better"

7. News Bulletin.com - "Increase in tuition at UNM-VC"

8. The Taos News - "Eighth Judicial District judge will retire"

9. Silver City Daily Press - "Council approves development district downtown, discusses bicycle safety"

10. The Boston Globe - "A sign of spring in East Boston: skunks"

11. The East Texan - "Pepper Spray Conversations Heat Up, Myths Debunked"
       Story featured in numerous outlets

12. Medical Express - "Study connects increased diabetes risk and higher levels of testosterone to prostate enlargement

13. Broadcast news:

* KRQE 13       05/13/2015          7:06 a.m.
"HOBY International Student Conference Comes to Albuquerque"