1. ABQ Express - "'Intelligent' drones being developed at UNM"

2. News West 9 - "University of New Mexico begins search for new VP"

            Story featured in numerous publications

3. ABQ Journal - "Creating jobs, increasing revenue are top duties"

            Also featured in the Rio Rancho Observer

4. ABQ Journal - "Our view: UNM West facilities plan offers glimpse at decade ahead"

            Featured in the Rio Ranch Observer

5. Biz Wire Express - 'The Harwood Museum of Art of The University of New Mexico Summer Exhibitions Feature Highlights from the Gus Foster Collection - Opening May 17 through September 7, 2014"

6. PR Web - "NBCC Foundation Awards 22 Minority Fellowships"

7. TMC.net - "ATP to Host Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Showcase to Build Partnerships for Better Health Care, Access, Outcomes and Bottom Lines"

8. Fort Hood Sentinel - "Acupuncture helping reduce use of pain killers in Army"

9. U.S. Army.com - "Researchers consider miniature robots to enhance capabilities"

10. ABQ Journal - "Olympic medalists in BMX cycling to race here"

11. ABQ Journal (Blog) - "Clean APR worksheet for UNM"

12. Rio Rancho Observer - "FY15 county budget includes pay raises, added election costs"

13. Health Canal - "Brain's response to sexual images linked to number of sexual partners"

14. Silver City Sun-News - "Archeologist wins awards for work at Lake Roberts"

15. Broadcast News

* KOB-4            5/14/2014                 10:44 p.m.
“'Intelligent' drones being developed at UNM”

* KOB-4            5/14/2014                 5:20:10 p.m.
"Computer Science and brain activity"

* KOAT-7          5/15/2014                 6:35:53 a.m.
"Research Match"

* KOB-4            5/15/2014                 12:40:23 p.m.
"UNM search for human resources VP"