1. Digital Koans - "Richard W. Clement Named Dean of University of New Mexico’s College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences"

2. ABQ Business First - "Oppedahl: Innovate ABQ purchase ‘imminent’"

3. ABQ Journal - "UNM committee, president support AIMS expansion"

4. BIO Prep Watch - "UNMH uses CDP training during real-world incidents"

5. U.S. News & World Report - "10 Medical Schools Where Accepted Students Usually Enroll"

6. Air Force Academy - "Administrator Marti Gasser named recipient of Dr. Albert C. Yates Award"

7. HSC Newsbeat - "UNMH earns national top-10 diversity”

8. Military.com - "Acupuncture Helping Reduce Use of Pain Killers"

9. News 4 Charleston (print) - "Ground-breaking Discoveries in Science and Technology"

10. Daily Galaxy - "Variations in Earth's Orbit --"Have a Direct Influence on Global Warming"

11. Before It's News - "Controlling Thoughts by Controlling Language in Albuquerque"

12. Broadcast News:

* KRQE-13
"Innovate ABQ"   - (Hit "View" button on web site)

* KRQE-13      10:00:24 p.m.
"City Council Chaos"

* 2 KASA         9:08:50 a.m.
"History of Cinco de Mayo" (with Cheo Torres)
Link will be posted soon