1. Before It's News - "Is This Proof of Civilzations Millions of Years Ago?"

2. ABQ Journal - "Faculty rep Breda Bova sees students, first, athletes second"

3. KRGW - "WNMU Discussing Healthcare Partnership"

4. Peninsula Warrior - "Acupuncture is helping reduce the use of pain killers in Army"

            Also feature in the Fort Campbell Courier

5. The Gazette - "AROUND TOWN: Discover Goodwill honors winners, says "Donate Stuff. Create Jobs"

6. TMC Net - "U.S. Patents Awarded to Inventors in Texas"

7. Plos One - "Muscle RING Finger-1 Promotes a Maladaptive Phenotype in Chronic Hypoxia-Induced Right Ventricular Remodeling"

8. Broadcast News:

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