1)  An article in ABQ Business First features a story on "Mission: Graduate," an initiative focused on adding 60,000 college degrees to central New Mexico by 2020. UNM's Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) will contribute comprehensive data to identify community needs and existing resources in order to establish priorities for collaborative action.  Read more:

               Also reported on KRQE-13 evening news.

 2)  In today’s ABQ Journal, UNM anthropologist, E. James Dixon shares new evidence emerging from melting ice, of human interaction between North America and Eurasia that occurred thousands of years before Columbus’ voyage.  Read more:

3)  The ABQ Journal reports that UNM has approved collaboration between Eszterházy Károly College in Eger, Hungary making it possible for students to transfer from one institution to the other, including possible exchanges for faculty and administrative staff as well. Read more:


 4)  The ABQ Journal highlights UNM students in medicine, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and pharmacy who have begun providing free services at a local homeless shelter.  Read more:

  5)  In today’s The Globe and Mail, Len Kravitz, UNM Associate Professor in Health Exercise & Sports Science shares how EPOC, which stands for “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, can help enhance your workout.  Read more:

  6)  The ABQ Journal features Timothy Krebs, UNM professor who studies urban politics, addressing Albuquerque’s public-financing system for election campaigns.  Read more:

  7)  According to a news release on Nurse.com, the American Academy of Nursing has named its 2013 fellows, which includes Melinda Tinkle, RN, Ph.D. in UNM's College of Nursing. The AAN conference, scheduled to take place, Oct. 17-19 in Washington, D.C., showcases the extraordinary work nurses undertake to drive policy changes that meet the healthcare needs of individuals and populations, according to a news release.  Read more:

  8)  KOB-4 online addresses health complaints allegedly caused by dust from a construction site on the west side. UNM’s volcanologist, Tobias Fischer weighs in on the situation.  Read more:

  9)  The ABQ Journal reports that Douglas Clark has taken over as chairman of UNM’s pathology department. Clark previously worked at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he was professor of pathology and oncology, and division director of cytopathology.  Read more:

10)  ABQ Journal highlights a story on the 75th anniversary of UNM Zimmerman Library.