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(6) October 23 TV news:

KOAT TV 7 reported on the UNM law student group bank account:

More information on an unauthorized bank account used by a UNM student group. Documents released by UNM show the Student Bar Association used the account to pay for flights, jewelry and dinners. The Association’s president says the group became aware of the situation in August when they discovered their main account was short thousands of dollars. The alternative account there was a fair amount of money missing for that which would have be used to supplement to pay back the regular on-campus account. No one is charged at this time. The University is investigating to see if the account violates any laws or school policies.

KRQE TV 13 reported on the unauthorized bank account:

UNM is auditing its Law School’s Student Bar Association to find out if it’s been misusing money from student fees. The Association has an authorized bank account to pay for things like travel and conferences, but UNM says it discovered an unauthorized, off campus account – that paid bills from liquor stores, nail salons…and even Tiffany’s in San Francisco. The University is performing the audit to see if any laws have been broken.

KOB TV 4 reported:

Students from Amy Biehl High School will be walking from their campus to CNM and UNM’s campuses to raise $10,000 in “A Road to College” Walk A Thon, to support college applications, entrance exams and scholarships.

KOAT TV 7 reported:

Age some women in New Mexico are diagnosed with breast cancer. Officials from the UNM Cancer Center say they're seeing more Hispanic and Native American women under 40 with the disease. They believe those groups are at risk of a rare form of inflammatory breast cancer... Which is more aggressive and follows different rules. We actually prefer that if a woman has a suspicion or a concern, even if she's under 40 years old, she come and meet with her physician and have an evaluation breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among Hispanic, Native American and African American women. Meantime, doctors say there are steps women can take, to prevent developing cancer and maintain good health. Mammograms are important to detect breast cancer. Also -- pelvic exams, pap smears, and hpv testing can detect gynecological cancers. Women should also know their cholesterol levels, blood pressure readings; and sugar counts to avoid diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

KASA TV 2 and KRQE TV 13 reported:


Showdown day at the supreme court over an issue that has divided the state. The fight over gay marriage is now in the hands of the five high court justices. Each side brought their a-game to today's hearing. But neither side wanted to speculate on the outcome. Here's news 13's Amanda Goodman ... ... "its a historic day." and a day both sides of the gay marriage debate have been looking forward to... The chance to argue their cases in front of the highest court in the state. ... ... "the marriage statutes viewed comprehensively can reach only one conclusion that marriage in this state is between a man and a woman." ... ... "denying same-sex couples the right to marry is a violation of the nm constitution." Crowds packed the supreme court... Filling up over-flow rooms quickly.. Others held viewing parties to get a glimpse at the proceedings. And the justices jumped right in. ... ... "is there any state that has statues like ours - that are vague like ours" firing questions at James Campbell-- the attorney for a Christian law group who's representing the block of republican lawmakers that claim gay marriage is illegal. ... ... Why have there been repeated attempts over the years particularly in the last half dozen years to introduce legislation by various of your clients to specifically say marriage is between people of opposite sexes if that statutes are already clear on that?" they also questioned Maureen Sanders-- the attorney representing the six original same-sex couples in the case... Asking if the issue was even in the right venue. ... ... "why is this a question of constitutional interpretation which is our responsibility as opposed to a social policy issue which is the responsibility of the legislature? After a lot of back and forth.. Justice Charles Daniels brought up what's been called the 800- pound gorilla in the room-- ... ... "the real debate over this is a religious debate.. And the government shouldn't take sides in religious debates." Campbell argued its not a religious debate but rather a social one.. That should be decided by the voters.. Not the courts. ... ... "at the end of the day this is a question for the legislature and the people to decide the future of marriage." something backers of gay marriage strongly disagree with. ... ... "it would be wrong to put a fundamental right to be treated equally under the law up for a popular vote." in sf -- ag krqe news 13. Afterwards both sides claimed they won the argument. There's no telling when the justices will rule -- it could be days -- it could be months. It was clear though that they spent more time picking apart the argument against gay marriage ... At one point.. When Campbell said he believed marriage was only a fundamental right for opposite sex couples-- Justice Bosson told him.. To move past that.. Because they don't agree with that. Campbell also said part of the purpose of marriage is having children. A justice then asked since when is the desire or ability to have kids a requirement for marriage. Now the waiting game starts for the more than one-thousand same sex couples who have married in New Mexico the past few months: 12:43 "its definitely a wait and see situation.. And we hope that the supreme court will do the right thing." 47 12:14 "we're very hopeful just because of the climate in the state and in the country.. That this is a ball that's rolling forward that probably can't be stopped at this point." :24 even if the justices declare that gay marriage is illegal, a UNM law professor tells us the marriage licenses already issued would still be valid... Which could lead to a whole new court case. The republican lawmaker who has spearheaded efforts to stop gay marriage, was at the state supreme court today. He said no matter what the justices rule, this isn't over: :12 the people always have the last say because they can change legislators, they can change supreme court justices, they can vote on new constitutional amendments, so until they're satisfied that the right decision has been made, this issue is not settled. :27 news 13 will continue to follow the same sex marriage story on air and online ... As we wait for the supreme court decision and as other developments play out