1. ABQ Journal - "Reality of NM economy has been distorted"

2. ABQ Journal - "Editorial: Gift of Taos Modernists’ art a major addition for UNM"

3. LA Monitor - "UNM-LA to offer conflict resolution course"

4. Deming Headlight - "Renowned author plans NMSU visit during National Hispanic Heritage Month"

5. Science News - "Dinos straddled line between cold- and warm-blooded"

6. MY San Antonio - "AILA South Florida Stresses Economic and Safety Benefits of Driver Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants"

7. RH reality check - "New Online Course Seeks to De-Stigmatize Abortion"

8. National Science Foundation - "Sleeping sands of the Kalahari awaken after more than 10,000 years"

9. Jagran Post - "Female chimps stressed out by competing suitors"

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10. Accounting Web - "Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: Who’s Janet Yellen?"

11. Broadcast news:

* 2 KASA                   10/07/2014                7:15 a.m.
"FiJi Balloon takes off at the fiesta"