1. In an ABQ Journal article, David Gutzler, UNM professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences shares his views on the current state of New Mexico’s drought. “Maybe what happened last month was the beginning of the end of this drought,” he said. Read more:

2. UNM political science professor, Timothy Krebs weighs in on the mayoral race in Artesia News. Read more:

3. An ABQ Journal story reports that a UNM leadership class has joined forces with APS' Community Clothing Bank to create an online ordering system to clothe students in need.

4. A story in Alabama Real-Times News highlights a research company in Huntsville, Ala. that has developed a paper-based Bio-Battery that uses enzymes as a catalyst to convert sugars into electrical energy. The company is incorporating a paper-based passive fuel pumping system based on technology developed by UNM professor and project partner, Plamen Atanassov. Read more:

5. Just off the PR Newswire, Life Technologies Corporation announces that with the increased demand for Ion AmpliSeq exome sequencing, Ion AmpliSeq Exome Certified Service Provider program, an organization of some of the world’s top service providers that sequence and analyze human exomes, is expanding with 11 new members, UNM among them. Read more: