1. ABQ Business First - "UNM's School of Engineering gaining clout in intellectual property"

2. ABQ Business First - "UNM School of Law likes being lauded"

3. Stone Hearth Newsletters - "Social status stratification affects all levels of society"

4. Med India - "Female Chimps' Reproductive Ability Hit by too Much Attention"

5. Phys.Org - "Sleeping sands of the Kalahari awaken after more than 10,000 years"

6. Science 2.0 - "Status Matters - Even In The Amazon"

7. U.S. Department of Education - "More than $63.3 Million Awarded to Colleges and Universities to Strengthen Global Competitiveness through International Studies and World Language Training"

8. Broadcast news:

* KOAT 7                    10/08/2014                10:15 p.m.
"UNM doc one of many working toward Ebola vaccine"

        Featured on multiple outlets

* KOB 4                      10/8/2014                    5:09 p.m.
"Flu Clinics still postponed at UNM