1. Craig Kief, deputy director of COSMIAC, the space technology research center at UNM, receives mention in News in Industry in an article announcing the release of the Orbit Booster Pack, an add-on board for Texas Instruments Stellaris LaunchPad. Read more:

2. National Geographic online features a story about teams of scientists that journeyed to Ecuador to get up close and personal with---no lie---the Pinocchio lizard, believed to be extinct. One team was led by Steve Poe, a researcher at UNM and an expert at finding hard-to-spot lizards. Go Indiana Poe! Read more:

3. In a Korea Herald article, graphic designer Maggie Macnab, who teaches design theory at UNM, is mentioned for a lecture she delivered at the Herald Design Forum on the importance of understanding patterns of nature in design. Read more: