This fall, UNM will change emergency text messaging systems from TextMe to LoboAlerts. The new system, provided by Rave Wireless, Inc., will be an opt-out system rather than the current opt-in system. This means that everyone with an active Banner record including students, faculty, staff and others affiliated with the University, will automatically be enrolled in the system. Users are encouraged to login to the system to confirm their contact information and preferences. If a user chooses to opt-out of the text portion of the system, they can do so at that site.

LoboAlerts is one piece of the multi-faceted campus notification system which also includes the warning siren, email alerts and web page notifications. These systems have been used to provide safety and weather alerts, and notification of events which have had the potential to threaten the University's ability to conduct regular activities.

Both the LoboAlerts and TextMe systems will run concurrently until the fall semester drill of the campus warning siren system, scheduled for Sept. 14, 2010. That will be the last use of the TextMe system.

For more information or to login visit: LoboAlerts

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