There is a new pack at UNM. A group of students have formed ranks to blog about life, the universe and UNM, and chances are good everyone in the UNM community will want to hear what they are howling about.

Six students with six different perspectives, and though none have come from the same place, you can find them all at The Pack.

There is Vital M. from Holon, Israel, a junior studying Theater, while Carrie R. is an IFDM student from Tucson, Ariz. Another lady lobo in the pack, hailing from Caracas, Venezuela and training in computer science is Beatriz P. Finally, New Mexico’s own Veronica C., from Española, is pursuing Biology and international studies.

The Men’s roster is filled by Satkar T. of distant Katmandu, Nepal, and John G. from right here in the Duke City. Satkar is working on an MBA in management information systems and John has targeted both Economics and Statistics.

“The Pack” is a blogging program at the University of New Mexico composed of students from diverse background and walks of life. Much like the student body of the university they represent a willingness to explore, to express and to experience the community that is the American southwest, the state of New Mexico and UNM. Taking things a step further by sharing in blog form, The Pack offers a firsthand perspective to the students of both the present and future as well as the alumni of the past.

“We created The Pack to give potential students and their families an authentic view of life as a UNM student. It’s an opportunity for UNM students to share their experiences not just at UNM, but in Albuquerque and New Mexico as well,” said Benson Hendrix, public relations specialist with the University Communication and Marketing department.

 “We encourage our bloggers to expand their horizons and explore the city around them for new ideas,” said Hendrix, and that is just what The Pack is doing. Their blog topics range from food to recreation and travel this summer and they update often. Join The Pack this summer and see what they are up to.

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