Internationally recognized authority on criminal poisoning and murder by poison John H. Trestrail III will present, "Larger than Life! Matinee Monsters and Poison Perils: How the Horror Movies of the 1950's Influenced a Generation," Friday, Oct. 29 from 12-1 p.m., in the Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education Room 2112.

The lecture will examine the social-psychology of the 1950's, and how the portrayal of venomous animals in science-fiction films of the time possibly influenced the general population's view of their natural surroundings. Clips of films will be shown along with a discussion of the comparison of what was portrayed versus the reality of nature's toxicology.

This lecture is in conjunction with the "Absolute Poison" exhibit and is sponsored by the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center, and the UNM College of Pharmacy. For more information call, 272-6518.