Two University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management graduates have launched a groundbreaking synergistic digital advertising medium in a move expected to change the consumption of advertising on a national scale.

As owners of the local interactive media company projectadvertising, partners John Phan (B.B.A. '11), and Son Trinh (B.B.A. '11), have developed an innovative technology that incorporates motion sensors to actually put consumers inside their own advertisements. The technology debuted recently on the University of New Mexico campus where it was integrated by undergraduate Anderson students into the two-day "Me and My Civic" event, part of a broader campaign designed to increase awareness of and purchase consideration for the Honda Civic Coupe.

"This completely changes how we consume advertising," said John Phan, projectadvertising Account Executive. "These days, consumers have shorter attention spans, and they tune ads out. By creating an organic, mutually-interactive experience – where the consumer interacts with the ad, and the ad interacts with the consumer – a customer is more likely to become engaged with the message."

While the medium is completely customizable, with this particular installation, passersby were able to design their own digital ads that feature personalized Civic Coupes. The user-generated ads are now populating digital billboards throughout the city to extend the campaign.

"Ads have been stagnant for way too long," Phan said. "Advertising hasn't progressed, it's become complacent. We just want people to have a positive impression of advertising, and this is meeting the needs of the new generation."

Project Director, Son Trinh added, "We are excited to be a part of developing innovative technology that can help businesses grow and connect with their consumers."
They were particularly enthusiastic about unveiling the medium at their Alma mater. "We were excited to show what we have accomplished in the short time since we graduated," Phan said. "We wanted to motivate the current crop of Anderson students to break out of the mold, and it was great to work with our former marketing professors on a professional level."

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