The 2015 university-wide required training is available for staff and faculty in Learning Central, located under "My Learning Assignments." Many employees may also have additional required training assigned to them by their department.

The following are the 2015 university-wide required training courses for UNM employees:

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment 2015
  • Basic Annual Safety Training 2015

The UNM Required Training pie chart is available on the HR website and demonstrates how many employees have completed the training so far. The chart is updated monthly from January through October. Starting in November and throughout the required training window, the pie chart will be updated weekly. The number of employees may vary, as training is assigned to newly hired employees.

Although employees have until the end of the calendar year to complete the training, we encourage everyone to finish all the required assignments as soon as possible. Employees who have not completed them will receive reminder email communications until they have completed the training.

Why do we need to take the training annually?
The State of New Mexico’s Risk Management Division requires safety, loss prevention and control (Basic Annual Safety Training), and employment-related civil rights (Sexual Harassment) training to be provided to employees on at least an annual basis (Loss Prevention and Control Training,

Furthermore, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that “The employer shall provide the education required . . . upon initial employment and at least annually thereafter” (OSHA 1910.157 and OSHA 1910.1200).

These regulations are why Preventing Sexual Harassment and Basic Annual Safety Training (BAST) are required annually. The University Governance audit (2005-15) gave specific directions to the Division of Human Resources, in conjunction with the Internal Audit Department, to develop and maintain university-wide, mandatory training.

Contact Employee & Organizational Development (EOD) with questions or for more information: or 505-277-1555.