The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) is one of the top competitive fellowship programs in the nation, designed to support outstanding graduate students pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees in STEM fields.

The program provides a three-year annual stipend, along with additional benefits, to help students pursue their research and training. It also offers opportunities for professional development, networking, and engagement with the broader scientific community. 

The NSF GRFP allows support for the development of a diverse, talented, and highly skilled STEM workforce, which is essential for the United States to remain a global leader in science and innovation. The program also promotes diversity and inclusion in STEM fields by supporting individuals from underrepresented groups and encouraging interdisciplinary research. The NSF GRFP plays a crucial role in advancing scientific knowledge and contributing to the economic and social well-being of the nation and to receive the award is an immense honor. 

This year’s award recipients have been announced and 16 of the 21 students recognized at UNM come from the College of Arts & Sciences.  

Daniele Wiley

One of these is Daniele Wiley, who will be joining Assistant Professor Lisa Barrow’s Amphibian and Reptile Biodiversity Lab as a master’s student in the fall of 2023. Over the past two years, Daniele has served as Barrow’s molecular lab manager where she has investigated cross-family pathogen infection dynamics in North American frogs. 

“I feel fortunate and thankful to have been awarded the NSF GRF and aim to pay forward the incredible kindness, mentorship, and encouragement that my colleagues (Chris McDaniels, Kathleen Webster, Kadie Omlor, Jonathan Duran, Ari Torres, Celina Eberle, Luis Amador) and mentors (Lisa Barrow, Chris Witt, Jessie Williamson, J. Tom Giermakowski) have given me,” said Wiley.

“With this award, I aim to also assist other non-traditional students with securing paid opportunities in research and STEM, as well as continuing outreach for natural history collections, as both are aspects essential for my research. Needless to say, I’m very excited for the exploration and collaborations to come!” 

William Crockett

Another student who was selected as a Fellow this year is William Crockett. He graduated in December 2022 in Physics and Biology with a minor in Math and had the opportunity to work for the Santa Fe Institute this past year. This Fall, he will begin his Ph.D. program in microbiology at MIT. 

“There are a lot of people I would like to give thanks to, including Helen Wearing, Mousumi Roy, and Chris Kempes for their research mentorship, Carrie Cowan, Daniel Muratore, and Jack Shaw for their guidance on the NSF GRFP application, and Melanie Moses for helping me get started doing research as a freshman,” said Williams, who is grateful for his time here at UNM.

Hannah Cantrell

A third recipient from the College, Hannah Cantrell, completed two independent research projects and received an award in her time at the Department of Anthropology, where they graduated in December 2022. Hannah will pursue a Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology at the University of Oregon beginning this Fall.  

Hannah would like to thank their two advisors in the Department of Anthropology including Heather Edgar and Keith Prufer, for all their guidance, encouragement, and letters of recommendation along the way. They would also like to thank Osborn Pearson in the Department of Anthropology for contributing a letter of recommendation for the GRFP application. Lastly, Hannah thanks Anthropology graduate student, Emily Moes, for all of her research assistance and support over the years. 

The full list of recipients from the College of Arts & Sciences is as follows: 

Current College of Arts & Sciences Students

Benjamin Garcia 
Ph.D. Candidate 

Emily Hendrix
Ph.D. Candidate
Chemistry & Chemical Biology 

Daniele Wiley
MS Candidate

Andrew Gutierrez
Ph.D. Candidate

Diego DeMmon
B.S. Candidate, 2023   
Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Joshua Cortez
MS Candidate

Hannah Cantrell
B.S., 2022  

UNM College of Arts & Sciences Alumni 
William Crockett
Biology and Physics & Astronomy, 2022

Eric Gomez 
Biochemistry & Mathematics, 2021
Rice University

Kathryn Sokolowski
Anthropology, 2021
University of Utah

Miranda Juarros
Psychology and Biochemistry, 2021
University of Colorado at Boulder 

Indumati Roychowdhury
English Language & Literature, 2020
University of California at Davis

Sarah Taylor
Anthropology, 2021
Penn State University  

Brittney Love
Biochemistry, 2021 
Harvard University 

Fernando Guerrero
Chemistry & Chemical Biology, 2021 
California Institution of Technology 

Anejelique Martinez
Biology, 2021