We Are Here, A Culmination of Passion will feature the work of UNM Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts (BAIA) Capstone 2021 students Alex Galindo, Amber Carrillo, Flannery Cowan, and Matthew Hickel. Artist presentations and exhibitions will be held Wednesday, Dec. 15, from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Sub Mirage-Thunderbird room. There will be live performances of both a song and an excerpt of a play as well as a gallery of visual works and publications.

The BAIA is an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Arts that spans across four departments of the UNM College of Fine Arts: Art Studio History and Education, Theater and Dance, Film and Digital Media Arts, and Music, along with the Arts Leadership and Business Program in the College. Students in the BAIA Program design their own trajectory, creating a customized degree that fits their passion and developing cross-disciplinary work in for example music for film, or visual art and design. Students in the BAIA are pioneers in the college, forging their own new creative and career paths.

Four wonderful emerging artists in the Fall 2021 graduating BAIA class worked together to create not only a catalog but also a presentation of their work online including images, artists’ statements, and recorded talks, videos, and audio including music and an audio play.

See their artists talks on YouTube.