Lawmakers have yet to decide on the future of the Legislative Lottery Scholarship, a key concern for many UNM students. The Associate Students of UNM (ASUNM) hosts a forum to hear from students regarding their concerns about the future of the Legislative Lottery Scholarship Monday, Feb. 17 at 12 p.m. in SUB Ballroom C.

The forum is an opportunity for all members of the UNM community to join together, express and determine what values are most important in making and keeping the scholarship solvent and available for years to come. This opportunity will be used to pass along suggestions and opinions to legislators as negotiations come down to the wire.

If lawmakers do not come to an agreement on how to deal with this dilemma, the burden will be placed on the New Mexico Higher Education Department Secretary Dr. Jose Garcia to act. In that case, it’s anticipated award amounts to students would be reduced to about 60 to 65 percent of the cost of tuition.

“This is the last opportunity for our students and community members to be heard on this issue,” said Isaac Romero, ASUNM president. “There is no easy solution, however, our faith is in the legislature to ensure the continuation of this scholarship for all New Mexico students to come.”