The Art Department at The University of New Mexico will present awards, including the Reggie Behl Drawing Award, at the Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Undergraduate Juried Art Show open house Thursday, Feb. 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the John Sommers Gallery in the Art Building.

i love my grandma, oil stick on paper, 2023, Mikaila Dart, Reggie Behl Award winner

Rabbits are characterized as mischievous but they are also a symbol of fertility, good luck, and abundance. What happens when the abundance is an abundance of something harmful? The title of this exhibition references a belief that repeatedly saying the word rabbit on the first day of the month brings good luck. Not only are there multiple artworks with rabbits in them, their cross-cultural symbolism and lore are also thematically present throughout the exhibition.

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits coincides with the end of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, which only happens every 12 years.

The show was juried by Sallie Scheufler, a multidisciplinary artist, organizer, and educator, and assistant director at Richard Levy Gallery in Santa Fe.

“The students demonstrate a keen awareness of both current events and the historical factors that have shaped our present circumstances, like the impact of settler colonialism on the land and its implications for the future. There are themes of grief, hope, resiliency, and joy… I was impressed by the high quality of work submitted for this exhibition. There were so many ways to jury, but ultimately I chose to create a cohesive exhibition, in which all of the works spoke to each other in one way or another. It was also important to me to showcase the diverse methods of making happening in the department,” Scheufler said.

Student artists exhibiting are Samantha Alexander, Camilla Parker, Angel Moss, Andrew Roibal, Sarah Bauman, Marcus Hill, Alison Haag, Keila Suazo, Jessica Baca, Nina Winkler, Eva Sanchez, Sarah Raupagh, Nino Ricca Lucci, Pluma Sumaq, Desara Boehm, Morgan Coleman, Graham Brant, Sophie Rubeo, Elisabeth Williams, and Bryson Hood.

Mikaila Dart is the winner of the Reggie Behl Award.

Attendees are invited to get to know the Art Department. The open house will feature the exhibition of undergrad work, as well as information about the department, demonstrations, games, takeaways, snacks, pony beads, make-your-own buttons, and more.

Special musical guests will be Jack Putnam and Grey Archuleta of Thursday Marks Fall, voted best alternative band 2023 by New Mexico Entertainment Magazine.

The Reggie Behl Drawing Award is given in honor of artist, educator, and world traveler, Regina “Reggie” Behl, who taught drawing at UNM and all over the world. The award supports an undergraduate student who excels in drawing. Last year’s winner was Ruby Kraft.