Technology is a growing interest for John Bermel from Santa Fe. Bermel, an Information Technology manager at the UNM Bookstore, is in charge of keeping all computers running smoothly and tracking every item coming in and going out of the store. 

Bermel’s interest in technology was sparked with his first video game console, Atari. As technology continued to grow, so did his interest in the field. Bermel, a 37-year-old Santa Fe-native, worked on computers his last two years at Capital High School

“I used to take my electronics apart just to see how it works and put it all back together,” Bermel said. 

After graduating from Capital High School, Bermel moved to Albuquerque to study business at UNM. “I was originally looking for a technology degree, but you can’t get a bachelor’s degree in technology, so I decided to get one in business,” he said.

Being in the IT field, he stays current on the newest trends, changes in technology and new viruses and hackers. An UNM employee for 11 years, Bermel enjoys the college environment and helping students and faculty members.

 Bermel did not become an IT manager overnight. He worked for the bookstore while studying for a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He started as a receiving clerk at the bookstore, and held other positions until being hired for the IT manager position.

“I started as a receiving clerk, who worked at customer service, then I helped start up the technology center and managed it,” said Bermel.

Bermel is more than an employee at the bookstore, he is a mentor. Since he started working at the bookstore, he has mentored 20 students in both school and technology. 

“Pursue what you want to do now, don’t just do what you started,” said Bermel.

He said he appreciates the opportunity to work with students and understands the challenges students face. When asked to provide a piece of advice to students, advises students to get involved with internships for hands-on experience.

“My degree has helped me get where I am today, but a lot of what I learned has been hands-on,” Bermel said. 

He said he is where he wants to be in life. He said is focusing on students and their success. If students are seeking mentorship or technological help, Bermel works at the UNM Bookstore from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.