It’s called Mentor 2.0. The Big Brothers Big Sisters modern, technology-based mentoring program is designed to help students graduate from high school, set goals for their future and overcome adversity. It may also be the single most influential factor in positive youth development.

Through the months of July and August, BBBS is conducting a “60 Men in 60 Days” campaign in order to recruit the men they desperately need for incoming freshman male students at the University of New Mexico. Currently, BBBS has three times more women volunteers than men.

New Mexico’s high school graduation rates are unacceptably low, and those low graduation rates adversely affect the economy in many ways. Cities that have implemented similar mentoring programs have seen increased graduation rates of more than 20 percent in their high schools and noticeable improvements to the quality of life in their communities. 

Get involved today, make a difference and help a student realize the achievement of graduating from high school. Be the person in a young student’s life that helps them reach their goals.

Follow the links for a brief description of the mentor2.0 program and a link to the application or sign up now and help BBBS match an incoming freshman with a caring, adult mentor. With only one email a week and a few in-person events, you can transform someone's life.